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Become a RADECS 2017 Lunch Sponsor

Opportunity to promote your company during a Lunch with roughly 500 attendees On door signage at the entrance of the Lunch Area

Your company's logo on the direction signage inside the conference center the day of the lunch

On-site/web-site acknowlegdment

Words of gratitude during the opening ceremony

Your company's leaflet in front of every attendee seat
3000 CHF Wed 4-Oct :

Thu 5-Oct : Still Available

Exhibitor VIP Lunch

 3 course menu served at the table

 2 glasses of wine included per persons

 Private table ideal for business talks

 Opportunity to choose who you want to invite and have a privileged moment with them

 Price: 200 CHF*

Tuesday, 3 October Wednesday, 4 October Thursday, 5 October
7 tables of 7 seats availables 7 tables of 7 seats availables 7 tables of 7 seats availables
* Please note prices may vary if exhibitors invite guests who aren't conference attendees. For further details, please contact us.