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Conference Fees

RADECS-2017 aims to provide delegates with a week of Technical Sessions and Short Courses which are dedicated to the latest observations in radiation effects.
The deadline of the Early Registration is offering a preferential rate to delegates who register and pay before June 30th .

Categories Early Registration:
Starting in January
Late Registration:
From July 1st to September 19th
On-site registration:
from September 20th to October 6th
Short Course 380 CHF 440 CHF 510 CHF
Short Course (student)* 210 CHF 300 CHF 380 CHF
Conference 910 CHF 1,030 CHF 1,160 CHF
Conference (student)* 630 CHF 680 CHF 730 CHF
Short Course and Technical Sessions 1,290 CHF 1,470 CHF 1’670 CHF
Short Course and Technical Sessions (student)* 840 CHF 980 CHF 1,110 CHF
Accompanying person (only social program)** 220 CHF 270 CHF

* students have to provide a proof of status from their university.
** social program includes: Welcome Reception, Exhibitor Cocktails and Gala-Dinner

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Fees Information

The registration fees for the Short Course on date includes:

Pass to Short Course
Memory stick with Short Course materials
Coffees Breaks and Lunches on date

The registration fees for the Technical Sessions includes:

Pass to Technical Sessions, Round Tables and Industrial Exhibition
Handout materials
Coffees Breaks and Lunches from October 3 to 6, 2017
Pass to the social program: Welcome Reception, Exhibitor Cocktails and Gala-Dinner

The registration fees for the Short Course and Technical sessions from October 2 to 6, 2017 includes all opportunities from both categories.

NOTICE! If you would like to invite an accompanying person to go with you to the RADECS-2017 social program (Welcome Reception, Exhibitor Cocktails and Gala-Dinner), you have to fill in the on-line registration form as Accompanying person category.The RADECS-2017 conference is being organized in accordance with the RADECS Association rules.

Organisers do not take any liability for loss, theft or damage to personal belongings and to equipment during the Conference; should not be liable to the participant for any special, consequential or incidental damages (personal injury or accident) howsoever arising during the period of the Conference It is the responsibility of the participants to take out medical insurance as well as liability insurance on their own

Cancellation policy

Cancellation received before 15th June 2017
will result in a 90% refund of the registration fees.

Cancellation received between 16th June and 15th July 2017
will result in a 50% refund of the registration fees.

Cancellation received after 16th July 2017 will not result in refunds.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Vitalis Events SA
Telephone: +41 22 519 08 00
E-mail: contact@radecs2017.com

Visa Information

All foreign participants* of RADECS 2017 should obtain a visa to enter the Schengen area.

*Some countries have special agreement with Schengen, and their citizen benefits from a visa exemption program.

If you require a visa, you can submit your application to the Swiss embassy or consulate responsible for your country of residence, using the appropriate necessary documents.

Before getting your necessary support documents from our side, we advise you to contact the mission service or the travel agency used by your company (university or institution). They will tell you which type of Schengen visa is requested for you (and if needed your spouse or accompanying person).

The organizing committee of RADECS 2017 can provide the support documents for two types of visa: TOURIST OR BUSINESS.

We advise you to obtain a tourist visa, if your company allows it. A tourist visa should be simpler for you and it is the only possible solution for your accompanying person. But if your company requires a business visa, we can of course provide all the necessary documents.

Support documents for Tourist visa:

Vitalis Events partner of the RADECS 2017 organizing committee, will provide participants with the documents necessary for their Schengen Area Visa application.

Supporting documents will be issued based on your personal information submitted during the on-line registration process.

The tourist visa will be issued for the duration of RADECS-2017.

NOTICE! The Conference Secretariat will send the visa support documents to the participant only after receiving the Registration and Accommodation fees for your entire stay.