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Become a RADECS 2017 Sponsor and maximize your visibility

STUDENT SUPPORT Support a student's registration and accomodation Your Company Logo on Official Invitation sent to the student

Your Company Profile in the pocket program

Acknowledgment on the website

Acknowledgment on the T-shirt worn by volunteer students on site

Words of acknowledgment during the 1st Plenary Session

1 Sponsor Possibility Available
POCKET PROGRAM SUPPORT Your advertising material on the 3rd and Back cover Exclusive company's advertisement on the 3rd and back covers

Acknowledgment on-site and on the website
1000CHF Available
CONFERENCE PROGRAM SUPPORT Full Color advertisement on the 2nd, 3rd or back cover of the Conference Program
Your company's advertisement seen by every attendee when they check the conference program

Acknowledgment on-site and on the website
2nd Cover : 550 CHF
3rd Cover : 550 CHF
Back Cover: 700 CHF
BRANDED BAGS Your Logo on every attendee's bags Acknowledgment on-site and on the website PROVIDED BY TRAD
BRANDED USD CARDS Your Logo on every USB Cards/Keys distributed to all attendees The USB Cards will contain all the scientific presentations made during the conference.

Acknowledgment on-site and on the website
2900 CHF Available
BROCHURE INSERT Your leaflet, Brochure, Flyer etc. inside every attendee's conference bag Possibilty to choose the kind of material (paper quality, size, colors, contents …) according to your policy

Acknowledgment on-site and on the website
600 CHF Magic Instruments
More Available
CONFERENCE LANYARD Branded Lanyard distributed to all attendees On-site visibility, Acknowledgment on the website PROVIDED BY COBHAM

1 Sponsor Possibility Available
NOTE PADS AND PENS Your Branded Stationery in every attendee's bag PROVIDED IN KIND Available
TAILOR-MADE SUPPORT PACKAGE Support opportunity made according to your company's budget and communication policy To Be Determined To Be Determined Available
LUNCH SPONSOR Opportunity to promote your company during a Lunch with roughly 500 attendees On door signage at the entrance of the Lunch Area

Your company's logo on the direction signage inside the conference center the day of the lunch

On-site/web-site acknowlegdment

Word of gratitude during the opening ceremony

your company's leaflet in front of every attendee seat
3000 CHF Wed 4-Oct :

Thu 5-Oct : Still Available
EVENT SPONSOR Opportunity to support an event (e.g. gala dinner) and to get every attendee's attention Logo on the main page and sponsorship page of the website

Poster near the registration desk

Logo in the conference program

A4 Leaflet in every conference bag

Participation of 2 representatives

Word of gratitude during the opening ceremony
3000 CHF Available
OFFICIAL SPONSOR Benefit from the large visibilty offered by RADECS International Conference on various supports Logo on the website www.radecs2017.com with the hyperlink to the sponsor website near the main organisers

Logo on the website www.radecs2017.com with the hyperlink to the sponsor website in the « sponsorship » section

Logo on the sponsor press wall

Logo on the front page of the conference brochure

2 pages in the main conference brochure
Words of gratitude at the opening and closing ceremonies of the conference

A4 leaflet in handout materials given to the participants in printed and electronic versions

Participation to the Welcome Evening, Industrial Evening, Closing Evening of 2 sponsor representatives
10000 CHF Still Available